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'Wind, Sand, and Stars / Antoine de Saint Exupery'

'Wind, Sand, and Stars / Antoine de Saint Exupery'

Tsunagu Books is an ongoing project since 2009.
In 2019, Keiko Miyamori decided to do another series within the Tsunagu Project based around her residency at BankART1929 in Yokohama, Japan, her hometown. During this project, Miyamori collected tree rubbings around the work site, and worked together with the artists and the visitors to collect her books. In this series, Miyamori wanted to focus on the connection that they will take back with them, showcasing the point where they all connected in Yokohama. She spreads the seeds of her Tsunagu, becoming the medium for its connection.





If you’ve participated in Tsunagu Book Yokohama for Miyamori’s Spring residency, you may find your book and tree below.
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