Tsunagu Yokohama

2019 Yokohama BankART1929 Project

Tsunagu Books

Ongoing since 2009

Tsunagu Wall

Ongoing since 2004



"TSUNAGU" means "Connection" in Japanese. I travel around the world creating “tree rubbings” using from naturally found or handmade charcoal and a traditional Japanese paper known as '“washi.” Using the bark of the tree, I create these rubbings to explore the connection between people as a whole and through nature. I also exchange small objects, some treasures and some simple debris, from different locations, creating a wall connecting people and exploring their paths by reuniting these objects from around the world. The map represents the places in which I have received objects from, and the path itself and the connection between the people creates the “tsunagu,” physically represented through the wall.

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Tsunagu Wall is ongoing since 2004.

Tsunagu Book is ongoing since 2009.